Merry Iluka Clarence River Christmas!

Christmas Eve of 2017 was spent – as I had hoped – at Moriartys in Iluka. My favourite spot in this whole area – where the sand of the beach drops away at the shore into a deep swirl. There were other boats pulled up further down the beach, and GonYonda were close by.

Christmas Eve – Boatstyle.

258/364 • having ourselves a merry LITTLE christmas boatstyle - big love to you all • . #iluka #family #stolentree #love #northernnsw #visitnsw #abcmyphoto #bellalunaboat #cruising #Summer2017 #eastcoastaustralia #clarenceriver

The Smalls played with the other boat kids for hours. It was a delicious day, leading on to a lovely night visiting GonYonda for dinner and wine while the Smalls (all five of them) watched Mr Bean’s Christmas.

The following morning – Christmas Day! – was filled with flurries of joy and gifties. Our stolen tree (as tradition demands) looked beautiful…

259/365 • all a bit bleary eyed from a night of lightning and thunder - nothing some tea and happy ham won’t fix • . #merrychristmas #family #boatlife #love #goodmorning #northernnsw #visitnsw #abcmyphoto #bellalunaboat #cruising #Summer2017 #eastcoastaus

The weather forecast was a little iffy and we moved Bella Luna before breakfast around to the main harbour in Iluka, out the front of the pub. Pancakes for breakfast…

(Here is a pertinent illustration from the awesome Sarah Steenland – the Cruising Cartoonist…)

Merry Christmas – by Sarah Steenland

We gave the Smalls new-to-them scooters, ours having rusted away several months ago. We had been looking for decent ones, but weren’t keen on buying brand new ones because of the rust thing. M – labrador of wonder – went into the local bicycle and scooter shop. It transpired that the owner was giving his kids new scooters for Christmas and said we could buy their old ones! They’re cosmetically pretty beaten up, but structurally solid, and better than anything else we’d seen. Hooray!! Thank you scooter-man!

Naturally there was much scootering ashore after breakfast, swiftly followed by swims with the Gonyonda kids. M took his present ashore for a whirl – his modified tip-shop skateboard with new Christmas wheels…

I spent the morning cleaning. It’s not as bad as it sounds. I had an empty boat, and found it quite therapeutic to wash floors and dishes and continue my ongoing Battle Against The Mould. (My new hack for enduring dishwashing – though I know in mindfulness-speak I should relax and ‘enjoy the process’ – is wearing headphones and watching Suits on my iPad – it’s a winner.)

I was particularly pleased with my present-haul: a new-to-me boogie board, a mug, cherry-vanilla Pana Chocolate *swoon* and an oil diffuser banksia…

My favourite chocolate…

256/365 • finally got a little tree up and threw a bit of tinsel around - the sunset approved • . #yamba #7yo #christmas2017 #7yo #northernnsw #boatlife #visitnsw #abcmyphoto #bellalunaboat #cruising #Summer2017 #eastcoastaustralia #clarenceriver

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