Good Things: Contigo West Loop

Why would you name the best cup in the world the ‘Contigo West Loop‘? It sounds like a freeway in Florida. Nevertheless, it is an exceptional entity; I consider that providing one each to M and myself has contributed to the stability of our relationship and the serenity of our vessel.

It was recommended to me for ages by L. It took me about four sleep deprived years to actually look at one in a shop.

These are the Good Things:

  • insulated
  • autoseal lid you can use one-handed, and thus it is…
  • spillproof
  • the lid locks
  • it is stainless steel and thus it is…
  • very robust

There is pretty much only one thing wrong with it. And that’s obvious. The price.

The ‘registered retail price’ is allegedly around $50, but I presume this is a marketing tactic because Every. Single. Time. I have seen them in a shop they are inevitably always ON SALE for between $26-$35. Expensive. For a cup. Had I not been going to sea in the winter, I probably would have tried and failed to justify the purchase. But – L was with me, and with her encouragement I had begun to look at the CWL as some kind of amulet.

I bought a black one and a silver one. They have fallen from heights, they keep liquid almost too hot for a few hours. They are also excellent if you like drinking your NZ white wine with ice-blocks while pretending to be sipping Earl Grey.

For over a year they have been used several times a day. Lids are used only when conditions are rough, or we want to take a traveller to drink ashore. The lids lock well – I throw mine into the depths of my backpack and know it is not going to leak.

The stainless steel finish. It stays looking good – as opposed to chipped and skanky.

My tip – if you get one of these things, stick with the stainless steel finish. M’s black one is scratched up and a bit chipped, while mine is fine (though now probably holds less because of the thick layer of tannin adhered to the interior).

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