West End Markets & Brisbane Open House

The past weekend was a blast, albeit a rather tiring blast.

On our way to the markets…

At West End Markets (where we travel to by dinghy) we scored fruit and veg bargains…

Bananas – $1 a kilo
Pineapples – $1 each
Avocados – 3 for $6
Vine tomatoes – $3 a kilo
Green beans – $1 a kilo

Beautiful hand painted silks…

Plus GF hot salami… The Smalls did some busking – something they haven’t attempted since we were in Yamba. We must have stayed there for about four hours – we saw beautiful jewellery, secondhand clothes and M particularly loved a stall full of gorgeous handmade journals…

DB fleeces the punters…

We motored back down the river to our mooring and collapsed…. The next day Small DB and I got up early to try and find some gluten free breakfast cereal we knew was on sale. On the way, we walked through a cute market in the botanic gardens. ‘Cute’ meaning ‘lovely but pricey’.

Bowls made from coconuts…

We had no success in our quest for cereal, but hooked up later with M and Small Z. There was stuff going on outside City Hall. The Smalls fleeced the public for a while…

Zoe plays Brisbane.

As part of the awesome Brisbane Open House weekend, we toured City Hall and discovered inside it, the Museum of Brisbane. The 100% Brisbane exhibition is fantastic!

Teapot Art – Museum of Brisbane

(And so is the whole building.)

City Hall

Later in the day the Smalls and I walked through the Botanic Gardens again and joined a tour of Government House – also excellent. Our guide was fantastic – particularly as she had been conducting groups through all day!

Parliament House – Brisbane. Jacaranda Blossom.

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