Goodbye money. Goodbye Hobart. Back up the east coast.

Our time in Hobart was brief – just a couple of nights. The days were spent (ha!) haemhorraging money – everything in the bank went on food and fuel, a bit of tip-shop frivolity, a bottle of beer and a bottle of wine. The Smalls both went busking and raked in about $60 each – school holiday time seems lucrative!

Zoe earns some cash.
Daisy fleeces the punters.

We spent our last night packing stuff away and having a nibbly odds and ends sort of dinner with Grant (you can see a little film about him online here – it’s from a series that we already enjoy, we just had never seen his one!) from Apache. Our friends, Karyn and Jim, pulled up to the same pontoon to meet some friends – it was good to have a little catch-up.

M had us heading out of there at 6am ? – no time for any early morning goodbyes. We had a long day ahead of us.

097/365 • pretty sad to leave Hobart behind this morning ? - the birds and rowers saw us slink out to see... sorry to miss you @teamtwodogs - glad you came over last night xx • . #hobart #morning #farewell #birds #discovertasmania #tassiestyle #b

In contrast to our trip down the east coast, this time we followed Slippery Gypsy – Ben’s catamaran – through the Denison Canal – it was kind of cool to see all the traffic banked up as the bridge opened to let us pass…

M had hoped to stop for a surf in Marion Bay, but we plugged onward, eventually reaching Orford at about 7pm. It was a relief to drop anchor.

Orford. Early morning.

The next few days were full of beautiful sunshine – I had some solitary boat time while M took the Smalls to the mouth of the Prosser River to practice their surfing.

103/365 • last trip into #orford - lots of these guys hanging around, looking at each other sideways ? • . #dinghyview #clearwater #eastcoast #crab #crabby #abcmyphoto #tasmania #discovertasmania #tassiestyle #bellalunaboat #Autumn2017 #cruising

This gave me time to actually edit and fix almost all of the tracks on the map of our travels (which you can find by clicking up the top – or here – on ‘ROUTE’). Yay me! It was a somewhat steep learning curve!

Easter morning, on the way to Maria Island.

100/365 • the Wombat of Easter at Rest • . #mariaisland #wombat #exploring #abcmyphoto #tasmania #discovertasmania #tassiestyle #bellalunaboat #Autumn2017 #cruising

We spent Easter Sunday on Maria Island doing some wombat-spotting and had a bumpy night in Darlington Bay. So bumpy, that we headed back to Orford, on another spectactular morning, to get the hell out of there.

Darlington Bay, Maria Island. Easter Sunday.

Why were we hanging around Orford, instead of continuing up the coast? Because I had ordered new shoes for Small Z a week or two earlier and was having them sent to Orford Post Office. I had not counted on three things:

  • The Denison Canal route making our journey so much quicker
  • Easter, and the public holidays attached to it
  • The ineptitude of Australia Post
  • Thus I tweeted Australia Post – begging to have a delivery date. No matter that the shoes had been in Australia for over a week – they were unable to deal with specifics. In the end, it took a shorter time for the shoes to get to Australia from the USA than it did to get them from Victoria to Tasmania. Hopeless doesn’t even cover it.

    Of course, they arrived the day after we left – and of course we could have stayed an extra day IF WE HAD KNOWN. Gahhhhhhh. In the middle of the shoe-waiting we visited Triabunna for the night to top up our fuel. Stan, the harbourmaster, was no longer in charge, but we were told we could tie up for the night. Huzzah!

    Small Z made us breakfast…

    102/365 • pancake maker • . #6yo #breakfast #pancakes #abcmyphoto #tasmania #discovertasmania #tassiestyle #bellalunaboat #Autumn2017 #cruising

    Mr Chattypants was out in force and people gave him a quince, a book of violin sheet music and two amazing apples…as well as a little bag of coffee (an original blend).

    Triabunna. A perfect morning.

    Both in Orford and Triabunna the Smalls had the opportunity to bust out their scooters and enjoy themselves. This is Small Z’s ‘Death-Hang’…

    Small Z's DEATH-HANG!

    We spent our last morning in Orford double-checking on the inadequacy of Australia Post (and my opinion of them has no relation to the Orford Post Office, which was incredibly helpful – they agreed to forward our mail and return our library books – it’s a pity they aren’t running the whole bloody company).

    After a consoling wifi session at the cafe, where I downloaded a handful of library books for the weeks ahead – and (at the request of M) an animated knots app – we motored back through clear water spotted with spider crabs, and got going.


    1. Craig

      Hi Beth, Mark and the huge smalls. Interesting about Australia Post Beth, I am always amazed that a company that is struggling somewhat since the advent of emails, is doing everything it can to continue its downfall. Like “let’s put the prices up” and the service down. Makes total sense to me.
      Anyway, you eluded to watching Downton Abbey at one stage. Do you have all the seasons and episodes? If not, would you like them? I could send to a Post Office near you. (Allegedly you understand)
      No seriously, I could send to somewhere on a USB stick or similar. MP4s, AVI or MKV files, which is best?
      This is the least I can do for all the entertainment you have supplied to me.

      1. Post

        Ha! Craig – you are awesome! My friend Juleen allegedly gave me the whole series of Downton and it’s the first series I have watched in completion in ten years!! (That’s what crappy weather and sickness will help you with.) That said, if you are at all able to influence the weather, can I request a few 20 degree days and some wind that will take us from St Helens to the NSW coast in the minimum possible time? That would be great. xxx B

    2. Craig

      Hmmmm, no…Sorry, can’t help with the weather. Thought I could, but all tests have proven otherwise. So if I understand you correctly, you are wanting a quick ride from point A (St Helens) to point B (anywhere warmer). Like to help, but apart from sending plane tickets, I think you are destine for pain and will just have to remember that this too shall pass. Probably a bit like a kidney stone I imagine. I knew we were all on borrowed time with the good weather
      Re Downton; so does this mean you have all the six series? And the Christmas specials? Let me know and rug up.

    3. Post

      Never mind, thought it was worth asking… This too shall pass… ?
      Downton – got the LOT! And watched every single one including Christmas specials. Can’t believe it’s over ?

    4. T

      Hi Guys

      It was great to see that vdo of Grant- it was a pleasure meeting him on our brief trip with you and if you see him, pls give him our warm regards. Happy trails.


      1. Post

        Ah – I will pass that on to him in one of our instagram exchanges if he doesn’t see it here first xxx

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