The Smalls. A February day in Franklin.


Today Mama and me and Daisy got up early. Mama was going to go to the laundromat and wash some clothes. Daisy was still in her pyjamas when Mama was starting to get dressed, but I wanted to come to the landromat so I got dressed as well.

Mama put the washing on and then we had a look at Pam’s bookshop. She wanted to come for a walk with us for her poodle, Ebony, to do a poo. We walked all the way down to Rory’s front garden and then we saw his boat being pulled out of the water by a crane.

We saw a family who was homeschooled, and they had five kids and one of them was ten. Her name was Serena. Once we saw the boat being pulled out of the water, Rory’s dad said, “You can come over whenever you like. We are boat people too.”

We said goodbye to Pam and walked down the street. We looked in lots of shops for Daisy’s lost bunny. I wanted to buy myself a treat, so mum said, “Let’s go into the Billy Hill shop.”
But then I said, “Wait! Daisy must’ve left bunny in the toilets there!”
Mum said, “Why the toilets?”
“Because Daisy went in there with bunny just before we lost her.”

We went into the shop and the woman at the counter was holding BUNNY! I bought a lollipop for Daisy and me. And we walked back to the boat. On the way we saw the family who was homeschooled’s house. Mum talked to the lady in the front garden and she said, “You can come over and pick plums with us if you want.”
We said, “Yes!” And went home.

“Daisy’s going to love bunny being back!”

Bunny is Found!


Zoe bought a lollipop and I was very happy to see bunny back. Then we went back across the pier together and went inside our boat. We sat down and did our violin and did our iPads. Then I ate my lollipop and watched some shows too.

And Zoe gave me some of her chocolate, called a ‘Toblerone’. Then, we went out across the pier again and we went under a willow tree where lots of sticks were – and we got a strong stick each and went in the park and played sword fighting.

Then we went back to our boat called Bella Luna and left our sticks there and then it was very hot. So we went to the homeschoolers house without a coat on because it was very hot. And we picked their plums. They had had a puppy which was a pug and it was a bit bitey. It tried to bite Zoe’s hair and it bit my pants.

Then we went inside their house and we met their children. It was a bit hot, so we played inside, and we played hide and seek. Everyone had a turn of counting. Then, we had a drink of water. We played Forty Forty Safe at Base outside, and then Cops and Robbers.

Trampolining. Without the pug.

The trampoline was the only place where Lola, the pug, couldn’t go – except for the couch. Because she is very very very bitey. Then we said goodbye, and carrying the bag of a million plums, we walked back home. Then we had a rest, and then we went to Rory’s house.

We had a tour of their garden – they had a polytunnel of cherry trees, but there were no cherries on them. They had raspberry bushes, but there were no raspberries either because the birds had pecked them all – but I found some. They had a bush of blackcurrants, and plums, and nashis – the plums were called Green Gage plums and the nashis are a cross between an apple and a pear. Then we had a tour of their house – they had a rabbit. It was a very good house and Rory played Minecraft.

Then we went and played on the trampoline. And then Rory’s friend came over. She was called Bailey. She went to school. Then we played Cops and Robbers and once I hid behind the Whomping Willow tree that was near their backyard. Then we played swordfighting. There was green swords and there were red swords.

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