Copper Alley Bay and Surveyors Bay

Wild Cherry Plums

On the way to Copper Alley Bay we passed a little spot that we scrambled to look up the name of, because it was just idyllic. Surveyors Bay. There were old beach houses down on the shore – as in – you could step out of your front door on to sand. Because it was a public holiday there were people playing cricket with their kids on the beach….

The diving platform in the middle of the bay (because of course there was one) had a diving board and a little slide on it. There were caves in the cliffs to explore and a few boats bobbing around on their moorings.

We were so overwhelmed with how perfect it was that we swore to return and spend a few days there. We continued on to Copper Alley Bay where friends had let us use their mooring – M and the Smalls went ashore (M could hardly believe I was happy to stay onboard) – they returned a few hours later with tales of apple trees, blackberries and apples…

The next morning the Smalls and I spent a few lovely hours picking plums and blackberries. The sun was shining, the water clear and the sky blue… There have been few better mornings.

Wild apples and our borrowed mooring in Copper Alley Bay

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Copper Alley Bay.

There were a couple of gorgeous old-school boats moored in the bay that we rowed past on our way to shore. Our favourite was ‘Tuna’ – and there was an equally sublime little dinghy tied up to the jetty that we decided must definitely belong to it…

Beautiful boat. Copper Alley Bay.

Tiny beautiful dinghy. Copper Alley Bay.

We picked a few apples, but they weren’t really ready. There were three trees that were remnants of a big orchard that was bulldozed in the 1970s when the bottom had fallen out of the apple market…

Feral apple tree at Copper Alley Bay

Reaching for the wild apples at Copper Alley Bay

After lunch we headed down to Cygnet, at Catos Bay. Yet again it was difficult to anchor…but we perservered. More chips at the pub, a look around the shops and a glimpse of the tiny library before we headed back to Bella Luna, pulled up the anchor and headed back up to the mooring in Copper Alley Bay.

031/365 . • spent the night in Copper Alley Bay and then headed down to Cygnet - the walk into town is a kid-crusher - naturally we returned to the coeliac-friendly Commercial Hotel ? - no, we did not lose a Small - photo by Zoe ??

Cygnet Free Little Library

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