Launceston. Back downriver.

Goodbye Launceston.

After a final trip to the supermarket and topping up the water and fuel, we said goodbye to Launceston – and, it has to be admitted, I felt a little relieved to be on our way again. We are still cruising novices and this had been our first ‘city’ experience.

It felt a little frenetic. It was expensive. We realised we need to plan our days a bit better – go food shopping once at the beginning and once more just before we leave. Aside from the museum, we didn’t really get on a bus to go anywhere, although we definitely pounded the pavements throughout the Launceston CBD.

We loved catching up with our old friends, and making new ones. We hope to continue making contact with homeschoolers and exploring and photographing, but also slowing down and being a little more organised on our outings… Baby steps…

Launceston: street art

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