West Arm to Gravelly Beach

Life on a boat creates quite a few inconveniences – when we tie up somewhere and there is Infrastructure – especially Thoughtful Infrastructure – I am immediately enraptured. Hastings, George Town, Gravelly Beach – I instantly want to remain for as long as possible (this, with the exception of Hastings) usually only lasts a day or two) and I bleat to M, “Let’s stay HERE. It’s so pretty! The park! The playground! The cute houses!” He humours me. It’s his job.

Gravelly Beach – we tied up to the wrong pontoon but were unaware of this until M finds out from the chandlery (one of two shops). This place has it going on – particularly if you are a little boating family with Smalls who need a run/scoot/climb/explore. They burst off the boat, flying on their scooters – straight to the skate park.

Yes. We have pulled up at a pontoon where the nearest infrastructure is a skate park and a truly fantastic playground – with free barbecues and all with a view of the boat. The Smalls are in heaven… The only other person there is a woman with her two small boys. She tells us they have been stuck inside their house for a whole week with horrible gastro – this is the first time they’ve been well enough to go out. We slowly back away until we are out of sight and then all (for we have all monkeyed around on the swings and climbing frames) wash our hands, thoroughly…

Spinning at Gravelly Beach

It’s a very very beautiful spot – the houses are generally old school with lots of beautiful gardens overlooking the water. There are fibro shacks and a great general store that has a couple of tables. M, of course, has to get a coffee made by a person using a Coffee Machine. He tries to convince me to have a cup of tea – I decline, for I am a tea-snob who has her favourite tea at home and therefore sees no reason to pay to be underwhelmed by what may turn out to be a Liptons teabag.

I send a postcard to the Mothership (I have stolen this terminology from Shauna and hope she doesn’t mind) because the general store is also a post office. We wander around a bit more – there is a tap nearby where we can top up our water, and rubbish/recycling bins as well. All the conveniences. It is good.

Gravelly Beach, over the skate park with Bella Luna in the distance

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