George Town to West Arm

It’s Melbourne Cup Day – but we are in Tasmania, and saw no mention of it. I was texted a photo from my Mothership who is throwing a party and had baked a cake in its honour. It looked delicious *whimper*

There have been very strong winds for the last two days and they are supposed to continue for another five, at least. Horrors. We departed George Town, after a last visit to the library, in what felt like a hurricane – it felt dicey, the process of leaving the pontoon, but M remained calm at all times and I pulled ropes onboard like a mad-person. It was not sailing weather.

Motored around to Beauty Point where the Australian Maritime College is, and then backtracked around to West Arm – a kind of dead end turn off on the Tamar River, and managed to find an anchorage out of the horrible wind.

This is the view as we eat dinner - a beautifully sheltered anchorage.
This is the view as we eat dinner – a beautifully sheltered anchorage.

It is LOVELY here – feels like we are on the Murray River – the banks are lined with gumtrees. M and Small DB went ashore and brought back huge oysters – that apparently we are not allowed to eat because of pollution in the river. I am TORTURED by this situation. An oyster as big as my head that I am forbidden to consume. Woe. WOE. I have instructed Small DB to use them as bait to catch me a Large Flathead. I will then reduce my levels of despair.

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