Rhyll. Our first night at sea.

Our first night out on the water was spent pulled up to the pier at Rhyll. It’s one of the places M and I love and have sailed to quite a few times. It was a different dead pulling up alongside the pier in Bella Luna for the first time though! M handled it super well – I did tethering. We had scoped it out beforehand and decided how best to approach it – taking into account the wind/tide combination. There were no other boats there – which made for less stress.

How odd to be out in the world in an entirely different place, but still in the same home we have been in for the past eighteen months. Deliciously snug, but still looking out through the windows being surprised at there being no boatyard outside!

Bella Luna at the Rhyll pier - where we slept on our first night at sea.
Bella Luna at the Rhyll pier – where we slept on our first night at sea.

To wake up somewhere different was sublime. Those 18 months in the boatyard were LONG ones. Our only hiccup was the Wallas (our diesel stove) which had worked beautifully for a year, but was obviously shaken around for the first time during the first sail – this led to (we think) sediment in the fuel tank being stirred up and Wallas becoming unhappy. Almost as unhappy as M and I were with no tea and coffee to begin our career as pirates – and Rhyll’s cafe was not open.

We survived. There was sunshine. Skipping stones. A walk. And then setting off again while the weather was still kind with the intention of getting to Hastings.


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