Rahmasan Nup Nup-an

A week and a day since we made landfall in Vanuatu on the island of Tanna. It feels like a month. Rahmasan nup nup-an means, “Hello, good morning!” in Port Resolution (the dialects are specific to each village, so this particular greeting doesn’t work a few kilometres away). Here’s our anchorage – that’s us on […]

Farewell New Caledonia

Today has been our final day in New Caledonia – tomorrow morning we leave Anse Majic in Baie de Prony with our sails set for Vanuatu. My morning was spent making peanut butter, bliss balls, steamed spuds and boiled eggs for the passage. Small DB made cherry gummies and also cut up chunks of orange […]

Boat Hacks 01: BoatCat

Much time was spent on BoatCat research before I allowed an invasion of the fur that has trashed our cockpit floor, vomited in various locations and bitten all of us multiple times. In case anyone else is still thinking they will also obtain a boatcat after that sentence, I will now write about the LITTER […]